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Why dancing on the table is good for your business

It is so much of a tradition, Redvespa’s corporate strategy statement says: “At Redvespa we dance on tables.”

The passion and sense of fun from the founder reverberates throughout the business. Our talented people have a passion for extending their natural curiosity and inquisitiveness into their work. Their underlying optimism creates high energy and enthusiasm in the workplace!

Too many businesses are about all work and no play.

Not at Redvespa. With our funky brand and energetic team, having fun comes naturally. But our employees know that dancing on tables doesn’t suit every personality type!  So we designed a dedicated creative space in our Wellington office where staff can collaborate over coffee, browse through the library of business analysis and design books, draw on the walls, or simply lie on the couch. There is also lego to play with and jigsaw puzzles on the go too.  The new Auckland office, opening in 2015, will have its own creative area including a swing!

It is well reported that fun workplaces bring teams together, enhance creativity and job satisfaction. Naysayers might point out that having too much fun can affect productivity.

At Redvespa, we found the opposite to be true. With plenty of opportunities for learning and fun, the Redvespa team has generated more great ideas and output than ever before. It comes as no surprise then that Redvespa won a Best Places to Work award in 2010, and is a finalist at the 2014 IBM Kenexa Best Workplaces Survey, in the Small Workplace (20-49 employees) category.

As we enter the season of office end of year parties, you can be sure that Redvespa will be there to celebrate our success, and dance on tables.

Sarah is CEO at Redvespa, a company specialising in business analysis. She is a member of the International Institute of Business Analysis (IIBA) Board of Directors, and Immediate Past President of the NZ Chapter of the IIBA. Redvespa won 2010's Best Places to Work award.

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