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AUT Business Schools singles out law firm Minters, for its sharp focus on delivery

The company’s strong internal focus on what it calls the LCD – listen, care, deliver – has helped deliver transformative change that has renewed the company to deliver a strong client-centric business.

During the global financial crisis, the company took the opportunity to reinvent itself.

“We saw the GFC as a generational opportunity to do a seismic jump in terms of where we sat on the competitive landscape. We didn’t see ourselves on the top tier at that stage, but we saw an opportunity to be very clearly top tier,” managing partner Mark Weenik says.

Following an assessment of its business against competitors, the company decided on how to renew itself. “We decided firstly, we needed to get bigger, to grow our revenue. Secondly, we needed to get younger, reflecting the age and stage of our clients that were coming through, and thirdly, we needed to grow in the areas where the opportunities were.”

AUT awards evaluator, lecturer (Accounting) Gillian Craig, says: “Minter Ellison has a clear long-term vision that defines its strategy well. The entire business revolves around a philosophy to “Listen, Care, Deliver”, which is essential to excellence in business support.”

The firm made it its business to get its lawyer who were mostly left-brain follks, to develop “right-brain” behaviours, central to listening, proactivity, innovation, communication and understanding other industries.

It also developed an innovative communication tool called ClearME, based on the Barbara Minto Pyramid Principles of Communication, where ideas are organised as a pyramid under a single point.  

When the lawyers use ClearME in a report, clients should be able to get to the core of the message within the first 30 seconds of scanning, Weenik says.

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