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Big brands hit the hay for homelessness

The fifth annual Big Sleep Out has been the biggest so far with more money raised, more participants and more involvement from big Kiwi brands. So what’s in it for business?


Head of fundraising for Lifewise, Lesley Mynett-Johnson, says more corporate teams are taking part, but there’s also a growing conversation around the event.

Vodafone, IAG, 2 Degrees and The Better Drinks Company have all lined up to take part in this year’s event. Vodafone has earned over $10,000 in fundraising for The Big Sleep Out, which it plans to eventually double, and Lifewise has also been the recipient of two Vodafone Foundation grants in years past, totaling $275,000.

2 Degrees and The Better Drinks Company’s contributions have gone beyond money to profiling their involvement through social media, which Mynett-Johnson says hugely benefits Lifewise, because awareness of homelessness one of the main purposes of The Big Sleep Out 

The focus of this year’s Big Sleep Out was youth homelessness.

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