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NZ’s fastest growing pet start-up launches new innovation

Petdirect, one of the biggest players in the pet industry having only been in the business for four years, is launching a new innovative service, an online pet pharmacy.

New Zealand has the second-highest pet ownership rate in the world, with one in three households reported to own a pet in 2023, and the demand for pet wellbeing keepings soaring higher and higher.

For Petdirect, the next market they want to target is the growing pet medication market, which has grown by 6.3 percent annually over the past five years.

In response, Petdirect has launched its new service, Petdirect Pharmacy.

“Just like us, pets can get sick, and sometimes they need a specific medication plan to feel better. But here’s the tricky part: keeping up with those meds can be hard, especially over a long period,” says Feargus McConnell, Veterinarian at Petdirect.

“One of the big challenges we see as vets is that pet owners sometimes struggle to stick to the treatment plan.”

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Alongside the trend of seeing more and more Kiwis owning pets, the growth in pet medication comes with the increasing population of elderly pets. Petdirect’s decision to launch a pharmacy is vital more than ever.

The Petdirect Pharmacy will hold offerings such as holding the largest range in New Zealand that can be accessed nationwide, convenient delivery, an auto delivery service and 24/7 accessibility.

“Petdirect’s mission is to be the most trusted and convenient destination for Kiwi pet parents. We’re always looking for ways to meet the evolving needs of Kiwi pet parents,” adds Dave Anderson, Petdirect Chief Executive Officer.

“Our move into pet medication demonstrates our ability and agility to incorporate in-demand services into our operations. This is a huge step for Petdirect, and I can’t wait to see the market’s response.” 

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