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Leading women’s health brand, Eve launch the most royal of all probiotics

New Zealand wellness brand Eve has recently launched Queen V, a premium probiotic that contains four scientifically studied strains for easy ‘down there’ care and good gut health.

“All diseases begin in the gut,” the father of Western medicine, Hippocrates once said. And thousands of years later, as probiotics see sustained popularity with gastrointestinal issues mounting and contributing to a host of serious conditions, we all seem to be finally listening.

Scientists are discovering more and more about the trillions of bacteria that coexist with our bodies, playing a vital role in everything from digestion, to skin health, hormones, immunity and yes, even vaginal health.

Eve’s Beatrice Thorne says maintains a diverse and abundant microbial environment is important for both guy and vaginal health.

“The balance of your vaginal microbiome can affect everything from infections like thrush and bacterial vaginosis to your likelihood of getting pregnant or miscarrying. A healthy

vaginal microbiome has even been linked to a lower risk of STIs!”

Many aspects of the modern lifestyle, from antibiotics to the high-pressure environments we live in, affect the microbiome and have put new stress on our gut and vaginal health.

“There are certain probiotic strains that are particularly beneficial for people with vaginas, given that we are affected by hormonal fluctuations, pregnancy and birth control. Some of

the benefits of using Queen V result in regular bowel movements, reduced bloating, and less yeast overgrowth, which is what causes vaginal yeast infections. Queen V is also well suited for pregnancy, a time where bacterial changes, bloating and digestive troubles often occur.

“Further, taking probiotic strains like the ones found in Queen V can help the development of your baby’s microbiome, which is laid down in the first few years of life and is linked to health outcomes for the rest of their lives.”

Gut health challenges can arise during pregnancy due to changes in the microbiome. The probiotic strains found in Queen V can support these symptoms, and help to keep blood sugar levels and inflammation in check – key factors for gestational diabetes.

“General immune function is compromised during pregnancy, and probiotic support is an effective way to support not only mum’s immunity but also baby’s. This is true for breastfeeding mothers too.”

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