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Starmate launches online event for women considering a career change

Startmate is excited to launch Liminal* ㄧ a free, online event built for women who are curious about ditching their current 9-5 in search of something new.

Running from August 16-20, Liminal* offers an immersive, one-week series of online panels, masterclasses and high-energy breakout sessions with leading startup operators and coaches.

Startmate’s Outreach and Events Associate Bronte McHenry says the programme is designed to offer a glimpse into the world of startups to women who are unfulfilled at work, wanting a career change, or those who are simply curious about what working for a startup is like.

“Startups offer a highly rewarding alternative to traditional or corporate career paths, and there is no better time to join a startup than right now. In startups, you can see the tangible impact of your work, and join a community of like-minded, passionate and highly motivated peers,” says McHenry.

“Women need to back themselves to take the leap ㄧ but, of course, this is easier said than done. We’ve designed Liminal with women in mind, to ensure they end the week with a better understanding of how their skills and experience can translate into a startup job.”

In addition to networking sessions and masterclasses, Liminal* will present a series of curated panels designed to give attendees the chance to learn from women who have ‘made the leap’ into the world of startups from various career backgrounds, such as medicine and health, law, academia, finance, media and design.

These panels will feature two or more women who started their careers in the same industry and followed different paths into startups. These panels will open attendees’ eyes to how their skills can translate into startups and all the different career paths they can take.

Kiya Taylor, Head of Platform and Community at Equity Venture Partners and an alumni of Startmate’s Women Fellowship, will be speaking at Liminal*. She says that figuring out what your first, or next, career move should be is often tough, but Startmate’s Liminal* and the Women Fellowship both provide the support you need to navigate transitions more easily.

“Transitioning into the world of startups has hands down been the most rewarding decision I’ve made in my career. As with anything that feels ‘unknown’, it’s so important to have people you can seek advice from and understand exactly how your past experiences can translate into a nimble and exciting startup,” says Taylor.

“The magical thing about Liminal* and about the broader Startmate network is that it is a direct line to the women who have made the leap and are thriving,” she continues.

Liminal* also offers attendees a taster of Startmate’s Women Fellowship ㄧ a coveted, two-month long programme helping ambitious women find their dream job in an Australian or New Zealand-based startup. Since Startmate launched its Women Fellowship launched 18 months ago, the programme has helped more than 140 women land startup jobs.

Speakers include:

● Frances Goh, Community Manager at One Roof

● Phynia Dam Hong, Chief of Staff at Kin Fertility

● Abena Ofori, Talent Community Lead at Who Gives A Crap

● Marina Vasilieva, Creative Director at Koala

● Lauren Capelin, Principal at Startmate

● Jodie Auster, Global Projects at Uber

Register for Liminal* by August 15 and get ready to dive into the world of startups.

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