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Mission complete: Stake partners with Urbanaut Brewery in celebration of Rocket Lab IPO

With Rocket Lab planned to land on the US stock market on Monday 23 August, leading digital brokerage Stake is taking a moment to reflect on what a giant leap this is, not only for the business, but for New Zealand’s role in the future of how we use space to drive communications, patrol borders and monitor things like global warming.  

“More than scientific discovery, today, space represents a significant commercial opportunity. The kicker is that it’s a hugely expensive endeavour, making technology and innovation such vital components to compete,” says Matt Leibowitz, Founder of Stake. 

“Rocket Lab really represents New Zealand’s enterprising nature and ability to punch above its weight. The mission names also showcase its humour!”

The space economy has seen a boom among Kiwis, with an estimated US$21m being invested through the Stake platform across the likes of Virgin Galactic, ARKX and Iridium, and Leibowitz is eager to see how Rocket Lab takes off in its homeland after it lists.  

“We’ve seen over US$1.3m invested in Rocket Lab, which has been trading as Vector Acquisition Corp (a SPAC) until now. Kiwis love to get in behind their own success stories and we’ve been blown away with their interest in it so far.” 

To say cheers to this historical Kiwi moment, Stake has created the perfect beer – an IPO IPA – in partnership with Urbanaut Brewery. Dubbed ‘Moon Hopper’, it pays tribute to the Rocket Lab company and the business of space.

“Like Rocket Lab, we’re a Kiwi-born business with aspirations to reach the stratosphere, so it felt right to partner with Stake to celebrate this cheers-worthy Kiwi moment. For this limited release, our aim was to create a classic Kiwi, Hazy IPA beer but with a Rocket Lab twist.” says Bruce Turner, Chief Brewer at Urbanaut. 

“Golden Peaches were the first fruit eaten on the moon, so to give it a space flavour, we‘ve added a touch of natural Napier peaches sourced just a few hours down the road from the Māhia Peninsula.”

The beer will be distributed to Kiwi businesses and co-working spaces, just in time for beer o’clock, so more New Zealanders can raise a can (or glass) and join in the celebrations. And, all new Stake customers that sign up using the promotion code ‘RKLB’, and fund their account will receive $10 of free Rocket Lab stock.

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