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UBX: The training you need in your life

Say hello to UBX, the hot new contender in the New Zealand fitness market.

Formulated by science, UBX training is designed to maximise results by combining boxing with a functional and highly varied strength programme. With 12 x three minute rounds, and 30 seconds break in between, the total workout is completed in 45 minutes, the optimal duration for high-intensity training.

On top of this, a UBX Coach is on the floor in every session to monitor progress, assist with form and technique, and assist your progression in boxing. To keep sessions exciting, each day is a new workout and members can join in on the action at any time they wish. Unique to most fitness clubs, UBX works on a boxing timer/traffic light system, so whether you arrive at 6:17 am or 3:23 pm, just hop on a free station and you’re good to go.

CEO of UBX Training NZ, Korey Gibson, is a key player in the NZ fitness industry with more than 20 years experience in health, fitness and franchises. Over the last few years he had sold a number of fitness chains and while talking to other offerings, stumbled upon UBX Training. Gibson says after his first meeting with the UBX HQ team, he knew it was the right fit for him.

Here, we chat to Gibson on the benefits of UBX training and his future plans for the chain across New Zealand.

Why did you take on the role as CEO of UBX NZ?

I see too many members simply rocking up to their next gym session, fitness class or boutique fitness offering, getting thrashed and not really knowing why, I believe if we really want to help, those sessions should be partnered with real education as to why you did what you just did.

From the cyclical training progression system, to the training camps, the nutritional advice and how-to guides, combined with the measurability and accountability via technology through internal onboarding procedures using apps, coaching screens at each station, and other systematic protocols, I knew team UBX had it all together.

What are the benefits of this type of training?

We are in the boutique fitness market, the great thing about this market is, a club may have anywhere from 175 to 300 members say, this enables us to look after a smaller group of people really well. 

If one of our members leave, it’s on us, we take pride in taking care of our people, so the flow on benefit to members here is – they show up, they train, they move and stay within our inspiring environment, meaning they in-turn get results, and if they’re getting results, they stay. 

 How is UBX unique to other popular types of training like F45 etc?

First and foremost, we focus on boxing. Boxing offers the chance for people to learn and in some cases somewhat master a new skill, which can help them in all sorts of situation is their lives; from developing confidence and focus, and immense and immediate satisfaction through stress alleviation are just some.

Unlike circuit training where in some cases it can be a fair bit of light weights high reps, or heavy weight high reps which can promote boredom and or injury, we focus on strength, effective movement and time under tension to ensure, through hypertrophy the muscles are growing and then through progression overload, those muscles are now becoming stronger.

What would you say to people who are considering starting UBX, but perhaps anxious to give it a go?

We will look after you, we take pride in really taking care of our members, it doesn’t matter what your struggles are or have been, it doesn’t matter what size, ability, sex or age you are. Our training system starts you off at a level comfortable for you, we then progress you through different levels totally adjustable for you and where you are at. 

We want our members to not join a gym, but join their mates down at their local club, and have a whole lot of fun’ – the nutritional, habitual, educational and health benefits are simply by-products of being part of a loving and comfortable community.

What are the future plans for UBX in NZ?

Firstly, to find the right group of entrepreneurs to open the first lot of UBX franchises in NZ. It’s imperative we find capable, driven and positive people to join our team, we must all hold-fast to what our core values are.

I think we can do over 50 clubs here in NZ and we should be very close to 20 clubs by the end of 2021. I want to establish the UBX brand here by simply mixing with a group of people who are in-turn going to inspire me.

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