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Urban List’s new platform encourages sustainability post Covid-19

Committed to providing its audience with eco-friendly content, Urban List has launched new platform ‘Urban Sustainability.’

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has brought global havoc, it has also brought a significant reduction in pollution, with 2020 marking the first decline in global emissions in more than a decade. Seeing such change has inspired Urban List to ensure the corona-linked silver lining is here to stay, offering content and conversation that encourage social, cultural and environmental sustainability.

Urban List Founder and CEO, Susannah George, says if the health crisis has taught us anything, it’s that the changes we personally make can significantly influence the world we live in for the better.

“It’s never been clearer that, to thrive as a global community, we need to protect both our planet and our people.

“We want to act now, launching a dedicated platform to ensure we don’t forget, a platform that continues to embrace the positive impact we can all have, even when the pandemic is a distant memory.”

With sustainability a priority, Urban List are dedicated to producing fresh editorial, video and social content each month designed to drive change. The company has also committed to become carbon neutral within two years.

Editor Anne Franklyn says the platform was designed to support its audience through their own sustainability journey.

“It’s not about sweeping, unsustainable changes or the notion of perfection, but rather working together to reduce the gap between intention and action, making sure our audience knows it’s better to make small, imperfect changes than to take no action at all.”

Since launching, Urban Sustainability has received an outpour of positive feedback from its audience, with people from all over Australia and New Zealand reaching out to express their interest.

“We’ve clocked up 55,000 page views and 42,000 video views of sustainability content within the first few days, totally eclipsing our expectations,” says George.

“The best part though, has been the huge number of sustainably minded businesses and brands brought to our attention, with more coming in every day. It’s heartwarming to see how many are, like us, committed to taking steps to ensure a brighter future for everyone.”

The platform will also be paying respects to the traditional owners of the lands on which Urban List operates, Australia and New Zealand. In particular, travel stories on Indigenous Australian and New Zealand Māori creatives and changemakers.

The team are also gearing up to launch the New Zealand Challenge For Change in June, a four week movement designed to support their audience to clean up their eco impact across food, fashion, travel, beauty and grooming.   

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