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Parrotdog and The Avo Tree introduce NZ’s first avocado beer ‘Avocado Gose’

Beer company Parrotdog and avocado provider The Avo Tree have joined forces to bring Kiwis Avocado Gose, New Zealand’s first avocado beer. An unusual combination, but surprisingly pleasant.

Guaranteed to be the next Instagram-trending beverage, the concoction is a harmonious blend of traditional tart and salty gose flavours complimented by the smooth texture of freshly picked avocados. Lucy Aitchison from Parrotdog says the brewing technique for the Avocado Gose is similar to dry hopping.

“Our brew team took The Avo Tree’s avocados, split, scooped and mashed them up with lime juice and then added the avocado mash to the beer after fermentation. Spice and coriander seed were earlier added to the wort, just after boil and before fermentation, to bring the classic Gose notes.”

The Parrotdog brewery is located in Wellington’s Lyall Bay, where approachable, award winning beer has been created since 2011. Based on quality and simplicity, their range is a diverse selection, with something to suit everyone.

The Avo Tree owner Thorley Robbins has envisioned an avocado beer for a few years and this year decided to contact loyal customers Parrotdog to propose a collaboration.

“I knew the guys at parrot dog bought our avos and got in contact with them with the idea. They thought it was great so we did it! I’ve always been a fan of what they have been doing in the craft beer scene so they were naturally the guys I wanted to do this with.”

Robbins says the decision to use avocado as an ingredient was due to its flavour that can be enjoyed both sweet and savoury and the creaminess of the texture.

“We thought making an avocado beer would be something really new and exciting. I’ve always been a fan of exciting new beers and know a lot of other kiwis out there are likeminded when it comes to trying new things.”

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