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25 things with Guy Ryan, chief executive of Inspiring Stories

Five things that worry you about technology

1. Data privacy and identity theft. 
2. Notification fatigue and noise, and the impact this has on mental health. 
3. That we place more importance on ‘tech’ than people. 
4. The impact that the production of tech (esp. hardware) has on the environment. 
5. AI getting out of control, terminator-styles. 

Five things you predict for 2038

1. Alexia Hilbertidou is the Prime Minister of New Zealand. 
2. Predator Free NZ has seen 90 percent of pests removed, and our biodiversity is flourishing. 
3. At least 50 percent of public and private sector Boards and C-suite leadership positions are led by women. 
4. The global price on carbon has curbed emissions, we’re averting the climate crisis. 
5. The circular economy is the new normal. 

Five things you wish were done to support entrepreneurs

1. Significantly increase affordable and quality space to work.
2. More accessible mentoring and support networks in every region.
3. Greater access to living stipend and seed funding for start-ups, stage-dependent.
4. More ‘ongoing support’ beyond the accelerator programme(s).
5. Stronger focus on Boards and Governance support for start-ups.

Five things you wish New Zealand would do right now

1. No more child poverty.
2. Adopt the Zero Carbon Act.
3. Ban plastic bags, and anything single-use plastic – it’s killing our oceans.
4. Put more women and more young people on boards – public and private sector.
5. Make te reo M?ori compulsory in schools

Five things you wish you knew before you started your career

1. Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone – challenge your self.
2. Make a point of reaching out to people who inspire you, often. 
3. Where possible, go straight to the top – that’s how you fast-track progress.
4. Most other people are making things up – back yourself, but be humble.
5. What goes around comes around – always give back, be grateful, and pay it forward.

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