Honey, I healed the kids: Comvita aims for the slightly injured with new manuka honey plasters

While most of us use honey on our toast or in our drinks, manuka honey is gaining a reputation for its antibacterial and healing properties. Comvita already provides manuka honey products to the healthcare industry and also sells wound gel, but now it's moved further into the lucrative consumer market of grazed kids, wounded adventure seekers, sliced carrot peelers and burned potato boilers with the launch of its new Medihoney Adhesive Dressings. 

While there is little scientific proof of manuka honey's numerous health claims, there is evidence of its effectiveness when it comes to healing wounds and skin infections due to its antibacterial properties. The new dressings are infused with medical grade manuka honey to assist the skin’s natural healing process of minor wounds, burns, cuts, grazes and blisters. This helps the wound repair process, by naturally cleaning the wound of dirt and bacteria and reducing the risk of infection. 

Medihoney dressings are also waterproof, latex free and sterile. 

“Our natural Manuka honey works so well because bacteria doesn’t like the environment it creates in a wound," says Comvita’s CEO Scott Coulter. "The pH is too low for them; there isn't enough water for them to survive; and the honey’s natural sugars create an outflow of wound fluid into the dressing, so that bacteria and dirt in the wound are lifted up and taken away from the area that’s trying to heal. This also keeps the new skin cells hydrated, enabling the wound to heal faster and with less scarring.”

The new dressings, which are available in two sizes from pharmacies and www.comvita.co.nz nationwide, took around one year to develop and they are aimed at the premium plaster market, with an RRP of $15. According to Statista, when it comes to sales of first aid tape/bandage/gauze/cotton brands in the US in 2017, private labels accounted for $320 million and Band-Aid was next on $169 million. So even a tiny slice of this market could prove to be lucrative. 

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