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Lightning strikes in Auckland as Icehouse’s Demo Day showcases new entrepreneurs

The Lightning Lab Auckland Programme is an intensive four month programme where entrepreneurs validate their product and launch their digital startups to market in order to secure investment. This year’s hopefuls covered industries such as cultural, education, tourism and security, to name a few.

Lightning Lab Programme Director, Jeff Mann, says this year’s programme has seen some solid business ideas validated quickly and the traction gained across their specific industries has been encouraging.

“Working with the teams on their product market fit has been hugely satisfying,” says Mann, “as the teams take their business idea to market and see uptake and confirmation that their idea is fit to succeed”.

“We brought the Lightning Lab teams together, in one space, to work alongside each other, to learn the principles of Lean Startup methodologies, gain access to quality mentorship and fast-track introductions to domain experts. The success of this year’s Demo Day is really a testament to how effective this programme has been”.

The 10 Lightning Lab teams who pitched at the 2016 Demo Day event are:

  • Dexibit: Analytics for the cultural sector with client traction in NZ and USA. Provides a cloud solution that detects onsite visitor presence and behaviour within the culture centre and blends this with data from digital channels. 
  • Foodcourt Online: Provides a platform for ordering and delivery from multiple restaurants clustered in virtual foodcourts. The platform relies on unique scheduling technology, and targets both busy working families with teenage children and corporate workers.
  • KitSet.io: Is a system that allows a non-technical business owner to quickly generate a fully branded quality mobile app or website to engage with their customers.
  • Phoenix Audio: Provides audio software designed to identify and smooth fluctuations in your hearing to ensure a deeper musical experience.
  • Reyedr: Is a heads-up GPS display for motorcyclists for safer and smarter riding.
  • SeekStock: Provides software which tracks customer demand for out of stock products through reports and real-time staff feedback, filling in the missing part of the stock visibility puzzle.
  • Slick Software: Is an education software that teaches languages through immersive content, allowing the user to watch a movie or tv-series and learn the language at the same time.
  • Sonnar Interactive: Is introducing a new form of entertainment: interactive storytelling, providing an engaging, auditory experience that evolves through the user’s personal choices.
  • WayWiser: Is creating a new online club for adventure sports enthusiasts, making it easier to find, create and go on outdoor adventures with the right people.
  • Wireless Guard:  Has developed and designed Hatch, a small, low cost security device which detects if doors and windows are left locked or unlocked, open or closed and syncs to your mobile phone.

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