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The 2016 budget in 17 press releases

  1. MYOB gives tick for Budget’s impact on SMEs

  2. Budget 2016: No Surprise Approach for Business says EMA

  3. Sticking Plaster Budget fails the test

  4. Budget – positive steps for NZ’s planning future

  5. Increase in elective surgery a welcome relief

  6. Budget a boost for a digital nation – NZTech chief says

  7. Big tax increase for smokers, but otherwise no surprises

  8. New health spend addresses symptoms but not core problems

  9. Budget 2016 continues the pattern of fiscal prudence while leaving long-term problems largely unaddressed

  10. Cybersecurity a platform for business growth and innovation

  11. Farmers applaud responsible budget and urge tax cuts for 2017

  12. Budget 2016 offers no tax surprises, but are tax cuts on the horizon?

  13. Budget revealed strong growth projections for New Zealand

  14. Budget overlooks the “forgotten” health sector

  15. Budget 2016 boost for regional economies, infrastructure, social housing and biodiversity

  16. $4.3m budget funding for Community Law offers certainty for New Zealand’s most vulnerable

  17. Thankfully, a boring budget

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