The daily routines of 26 of the greatest thinkers of all time

So you want to be a creative genius. Don’t we all? Well there’s a lot more to it than wishin’ and hopin’. If you’re going to be a free-thinking, pioneering, outrageous success, you’re going to have to get dedicated. But what does dedication actually look like? Is it really a case of ‘early to bed, early to rise’?

The answer to that is, well, sometimes. It turns out that great minds do not, in fact, always think  alike.

Using information gleaned from the Daily Rituals: How Artists Work by Mason CurreyDaily Routines blog and other academic studies, this interactive infographic – by way of – attempts to chart the day-to-day rituals of 26 of humanity’s most brilliant thinkers.

And the lesson is…?

That lesson is that there is no one way to greatness. Sleep all day? Don’t beat yourself up; You’re in good company. Author William Styron didn’t get out of bed until noon. Alternatively, neurotic genius Franz Kafka only slept two hours a night, but would sometime hit the hay as early as three in the afternoon.

In addition to sleep, food/leisure, exercise, day jobs and the creative work itself is charted, and the list features such luminaries as Voltaire, Beethoven, Picasso and 23 more.

Click here to check it out. 

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