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Regional winners of the Deloitte Fast 50 announced

The Deloitte Fast 50, run by tax and accounting firm Deloitte, indexes and ranks the world’s fastest growing companies according to their revenue growth over the past three years. High profile names among this year’s finalists include Vend, Quotient, Harmoney, GeoZone, HR Shop, Snowball Effect, Lewis Road Creamery, Pic’s Peanut Butter and Flick Energy.

This year’s regional category winners are:

Auckland and Upper North Island
Fastest growing services businessTech 5 Recruitment
Fastest growing manufacturerNaveya & Sloane
Fastest growing retail or consumer products businessMad Group
Fastest growing technology businessVend
Fastest growing exporterThe Collective
Fastest growing mature businessEROAD
Rising Star regional winnerLewis Road Creamery
Rising Star – one to watchMyWave
Rising Star – one to watchHarmoney
Rising Star – one to watchSnowball Effect
Rising Star – one to watchCrimson Consulting
Central North Island
Fastest growing services businessGibson Construction
Fastest growing manufacturerGood George Brewing
Fastest growing retail or consumer products businessSEA Containers NZ
Fastest growing technology businessUltrafast Fibre
Fastest growing exporterMagiq Software
Fastest growing mature businessTransport & General Engineering Co.
Fastest growing agri businessDeosan Manufacturing
Rising Star regional winnerQuotient
Wellington and Lower North Island
Fastest growing services businessHR Shop
Fastest growing manufacturerGarage Project
Fastest growing retail or consumer products businessKowtow Clothing
Fastest growing technology businessUprise Solutions
Fastest growing exporterTouchtech
Fastest growing mature businessPic’s Peanut Butter
Rising Star regional winnerArea360
Rising Star – one to watchPanhead Custom Ales
Rising Star – one to watchFlick Energy
Rising Star – one to watchSpotlight Reporting
Rising Star – one to watchStorbie
Canterbury and Upper South Island
Fastest growing services businessFarrell Group
Fastest growing manufacturerGood Honest Products
Fastest growing retail or consumer products businessEBOS
Fastest growing technology businessSMTP2GO
Fastest growing exporterMarlborough Grape Producers Cooperative
Fastest growing mature businessEBOS
Fastest growing agri businessMarlborough Grape Producers Cooperative
Rising Star regional winnerGeoZone
Rising Star – one to watchEthique
Rising Star – one to watchThe Road Trip
Otago and Lower South Island
Fastest growing services businessSouth Pacific Fire Protection
Fastest growing manufacturerWho Ate All The Pies
Fastest growing retail or consumer products businessGore Flooring Xtra Colour Plus
Fastest growing technology businessTom Tom Productions
Fastest growing exporterWestern Pacific Helicopters
Fastest growing mature businessPioneer Generation
Fastest growing agri businessCompass Agribusiness Management
Rising Star regional winnerTimely
Rising Star – one to watchHydro Attack

Image: The Garage Project team winning the Wellington region fastest growing manufacturer award.  Left to right – Mark Lash, Deloitte Private; James Crow, Pete Gillespie, Jos Ruffell and Paul Pettit, Deloitte Private.

Deloitte Private partner Bill Hale says that the companies that made the list are achieving spectacular year-on-year growth by successfully challenging the status quo.  

“These companies live and breathe innovation,” says Mr Hale.

“A common theme behind their success is the ability to identify and then capitalise on a point of difference from their competitors. They do a specific thing very well and they really try and nail that niche.”

Image: Bill Hale, partner at Deloitte Private

The list is often an excellent indicator of future success. High-flyers that have made the ranks of the list in the past include vodka brand 42 BelowTrade Me; Green Button and Xero. When Idealog spoke to The Icehouses’s Andy Hamilton about the index recently, he said that making the list and interest from investors often went hand in hand. 

“The Fast 50 is an index around recognising businesses are doing things and growing successfully at the top benchmark,” says Hamilton. “People see value there.”

“If you get onto the Fast 50 list you’ve got a one in three chance someone will want to buy you.”

Former high-flyers that have made the ranks of the list include vodka brand 42 Below, Trade Me; Green Button and Xero

The national Deloitte Fast 50 index and national category winners will be announced on November 4.  

Image: Samantha Gadd, HR Shop – Wellington region fastest growing services business award winner.

Image, from right: Mark Talbot of Deloitte, Rachel Sloane, Alex Bunnett and the team at Naveya & Sloane

Image, left to right: Shelley Ruha, BNZ Partners; Alexandra Puchala, Lewis Road Creamery; Storm Day, Lewis Road Creamery; Mark Talbot, Deloitte

Image, left to right: Shelley Ruha, BNZ; Amy Johnson and Geraldine McBride, MyWave and Mark Talbot, Deloitte Private.

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