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Clean-tech start-up offers equity for cash via PledgeMe

The Dunedin-based company says it will use the funds raised by the campaign – due to launch tomorrow afternoon via PledgeMe – to ramp up production of its new product, the ThinAir 102.

“Powerhouse Wind has reached a point where the product is ready to scale,” says Bill Currie, Powerhouse director. “We have put a lot of work developing a product that compliments solar panels in the on/off grid renewable energy sector.”

“Crowdfunding is the ideal way for Powerhouse Wind to bring the ThinAir to market. It gives our company an opportunity to find funding, resources and people at a scale required for our start up without the complexity that  listing on the sharemarket involves.

“We’re not just selling thin air, we’re giving people a chance to buy into our company which is revolutionising small scale wind power generation.”

The company hopes to use the funds generated by the campaign to launch their marketing strategy, employ staff and gain certification for exporting.

Even though the company only has a dozen turbines in action, Currie says the company has a solid foundation of supporters eager to support the company.“Since we started Powerhouse Wind, we’ve built up over 1500 contacts who are interested in what we are doing,” he says.

“From investors to potential customers to people interested in wind generation, we have a crowd out there waiting.”

“ThinAir turbines will be involved in on/off grid solutions across New Zealand, and the world, soon.”

PledgeMe CEO Anna Guenther says that Powerhouse Wind is offering an attractive deal to investors and has the nous to get the new product to market.

“Powerhouse Wind have the smarts and the passion to take ThinAir to the masses,” Ms Guenther said.

“They have put together a good share offer which their extensive crowd is chomping at the bit to take up.

“With their crowd’s support, Powerhouse Wind will literally change the way we power things in an economically and environmentally friendly way.”

Powerhouse Wind’s PledgeMe campaign is set to go live 5 PM Thursday 7 May at pldg.me/powerhouse

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