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Turning kids into bookworms? There’s an app for that

The app, Bud-e Reading, is designed to enhance literacy and introduce children to the basics of reading and writing. The app is designed to motivate beginner readers and build their confidence, preparing children for school and making learning to read fun and rewarding.

The app is the result of the collaboration between education publisher Global Ed, digital design studio Custard Square, and literacy expert and writer, Jill Eggleton and aims to create a complete digital and print-based reading experience for children.

The programme will be officially launched on April 14, and will be available in bookshops and app stores nationwide.

Bud-e Reading has been endorsed by educator Dr Libby Limbrick who says that the progamme is “informed by a robust theory of literacy development” with the content and structure providing “sound, research-based experiences to support the development skills and knowledge…essential for early literacy development.”

The company says the global scale and export potential of Bud-e is enormous, with the digital directors in the process of securing distribution arrangements in Asia, North America and South Africa.

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