Move over Dragon's Den, Pitch Circus is here to stay

Sam and Nicky Walsh of and Johnnie Walker's Kara McMillan
Luxurious whisky, cold, hard cash and business advice to help build your empire.

No, this is not a description of a rap music video, but rather what was up for grabs at Idealog's first ever Pitch Circus.

Pitch Circus was a part of the recent Idealog Live event, which took place on September 9 at James in Auckland's Parnell.

Three contestants each prepared a 3 minute and 33 second presentation explaining a little about their business, where they planned to take it in the future, and why they deserved to win.The audience were then able to use a mobile app to vote for who they thought should win. The votes were displayed real time on a screen across three gauges, one for each contestant.  

The winner walked away with $1000, business mentoring from patent attorney AJ Park, and business/marketing guru Mike Hutcheson, and a bottle of Johnnie Walker Blue.

Many thanks to Johnnie Walker and all our contestants for making the first Pitch Circus a success. Congratulations to Sam and Nicky from for taking the win!

Pitch Circus at Idealog Live, September 2014 from Idealog on Vimeo.