Elevator pitch: Glory League

Elevator pitch: Glory League
We gave Aucklander Louis Gordon-Latty 60 seconds to convince us about his start-up: Glory League.

What is Glory League?

It’s a sports engagement platform which lifts local club basketball into an NBA-like experience for players, clubs and brands. Our system automatically creates highly personalised media experiences for players, such as gamified reports, video highlight reels, infographics, player cards, leaderboards…

Um, come again?

Look, everyone wants to be treated like a star but the reality is that millions of basketball stories go untold. Glory League has a suite of integrated media products that turn amateur players into NBA stars.

How does it work?

Our automatically controlled, court-mounted camera films the game, and then game data is captured on our tablet-based scoring system. After the game, players can relive the glory online with video replays, player statistics, personalised trading cards and even an American voice-over for commentary.

Awesome. But it’s a small market for such a big effort.

There are 60,000 amateur players in New Zealand alone. And during one day there can be up to 100 players on a single court. With an average revenue-per-user of $100, New Zealand’s a multi-million dollar market. Still, it’s not our focus.

You need to go stateside?

Exactly. We recently applied for the Disney/Techstars accelerator programme in the US. But irrespective of the outcome, we will be based in the US from July. We reckon this product will go gangbusters in the US.

Need some cash?

Yes please! We are currently raising a small local round and will be completing a larger round in the US in October.

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