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Entre finalists take their place

A new wheelchair design, environmentally-friendly cosmetics and adventure programmes for international studets are among the 10 finalist ideas been chosen in this year’s University of Canterbury’s Entre student entrepreneurship contest.

The top 10 teams will undergo workshops and mentoring to prepare for a Dragon’s Den-style night later in the year.

Among the finalists is third year student Brianne West, who’s already founded a bodycare venture and Tub Desserts fudge. She’s entered Entre with Sorbet, a cosmetics company.

“Everything we manufacture is solid, biodegradable and most bars are wrapped in water soluble paper so that we generate a 100 percent waste free product. Our shampoo and conditioner bars are our most known product, but we bring out new products constantly.”

Other finalists are Jorgen Ellis and Grady Nunn with kitset assembly services; Steven Seo with a wheelchair designed for disabled people; Ellie Barrett with children’s cooking classes; Tom Beaumont and Campbell Alexander for their agricultural enhancement systems; Lucy Player-Bishop for academic assistance; Connor Eatwell and Hayden Graham, whose idea is colours for different sounds; Ellen Palmer’s 3D system to help blind and visually impaired people; Charles He and Luke Gillespie’s adventure programmes for international students; and Christchurch Polytechnic student Elizabeth Ball, with hand painted shoes for shoe stores. 

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