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Malawi trial for Medicine Mondiale

Medicine Mondiale is partnering with European international development organisation Valid Nutrition to trial the formulations Sir Ray Avery’s charity has developed to treat malnutrition.

Medicine Mondiale has created amino acid complexes from meat waste streams that can be more rapidly and completely absorbed by malnourished children and deliver more net energy than whole proteins. The first trial will include 464 children in Malawi. 

Over the past six years Medicine Mondiale has also been developing meal replacement products that prevent muscle wastage in the elderly, sports endurance products and medical devices for the treatment of patients with compromised renal function.

“The success of the commercial uses for these products will create a sustainable ongoing revenue stream for Medicine Mondiale to continue our work in using science to make a difference in the developing world,” says Avery.

“However we need to make sure our products meet international standards so they will be successful and accepted globally.”

These products are being commercialised via a range of local investment partners and international partnerships including Valid Nutrition UK.

“This is a totally disruptive and exciting partnership, using remarkable kiwi knowhow and technology combined with Valid’s proven experience of delivering solutions, providing an opportunity to address malnutrition on a truly  global scale.”

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