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Icehouse lifts the curtain on BIQ barometer

The Icehouse has rolled out its Business of International Quality (BIQ) barometer, an online tool designed for businesses to discover their biggest opportunities for growth.

Companies who use it will get a personalised report detailing how they perform in six key areas as well as highlighting areas for further development. The full report costs $249, but a free version will give you feedback about one of the key dimensions.

Over the past year, The Icehouse has set out to answer the question of what it means to be a BIQ, says director of strategy and development, Dr Lisbeth Jacobs. 

“A BIQ is one that experiences international growth and/or successfully defends its local market position. A BIQ is therefore subject to heightened competition and needs to be more productive and innovative.”

The six key enablers of business growth are: Leadership, Offering, Market, Processes, Governance, and Capital.  And these, according to Dr Jacobs, are the six areas which contribute most to the success of Kiwi organisations.

“We developed the BIQ Barometer because we saw a gap in the market that showed Kiwi businesses could potentially accelerate their growth if they knew where to focus their efforts,” Icehouse chief executive Andy Hamilton says.

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