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Britomart concourse becomes a wearable gallery

britomart art gallery world of wearable art?Creative agency True has collaborated with Adshel and mobile application business StQry (pronounced story – read more about the company and its astounding journey here) to turn the Britomart concourse into an ad-hoc gallery for World of WearableArt.

They’ve put up 22 large photographic artworks, which have been carefully chosen from WearableArt, a new book that celebrates the WOW Awards Show.

All the images on display are based on a series of photographs that were taken by Nelson photographer Daniel Allen. And although there aren’t any advertising slogans plastered across any of the Adshels in Britomart, they have been put on display to pique interest and encourage passers-by to purchase tickets for the World of WearableArt (WOW) show season in September and October.

In addition to the the images in Britomart, Adshel and WOW have also placed posters on display on bus stops around the city. However, these differ from those on display in Britomart because they have been tagged with advertising phrases. 

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World of WearableArt chief executive Meg Matthews, says the campaign was an exciting opportunity for both WOW and Adshel to interact with customers and to push the boundaries of design and creativity by presenting the exhibition in an unexpected environment.

The project has also been digitally integrated with a StQry-created app, which can be accessed via a QR barcode onsite. Once the app has been downloaded, it links users to information about each of the garments and also provides details about attending the event in Wellington.

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