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Kiwi health tech company expands into the US

Used by Super Rugby team Hurricanes, NZ Cricket, TJ Perenara, and members of the NZ Olympic Rowing Team, health tech company Myovolt is successfully expanding into the US.

The wearable technology business Myovolt has been loved by New Zealand for years since it launched in 2015.

Considered a pioneer in creating the world’s first wearable technology for recovery, movement and rehabilitation using garment-based focal vibration, Myovolt is entering the US market through a partnership with sports medicine giant United Sports Brands (USB).

Since the announcement of this partnership, Myovolt saw orders outpacing all previous sales since 2015.

“The first decade of Myovolt’s journey has been a steady, systematic process of refining our product and building a strong clinical evidence base for the medical market. Overnight, the United Sports Brand partnership has changed our horizon and helped us stock our products in places that would never pick up our call a year ago,” says CEO Steve Leftly.

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For USB, Myovolt is the first sports recovery technology they have stocked, with President and CEO Michael Magerman saying their tech “is real”.

A result of 10 years of research, Myovolt works through vibrational technology to help muscle recovery or those suffering from chronic pain.

Steve Leftly.

The tech uses ‘focal vibration therapy’, a clinically proven method that reduces tension and stiffness in muscles, tendons, and associated joints.

Co-Founders Dr Dianne Jones and Leftly developed Myovolt by looking at the technology used on NASA spacesuits and the ‘hot pants’ of the 2012 Olympic cycling team.

Jones says the expansion into the US market comes after the teams ‘tireless efforts’ to prove the technology out amongst health professionals.

Myovolt is now available in USB stores such as Dick’s Sporting Goods, Academy and Big 5.

Jones and Leftly says this is only the beginning of bringing a “new class of innovative wearable recovery products” to the world.

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