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The recipe to workspace wellness

Work takes up a significant chunk of our lives (about a third of them in fact) so it’s very important to put the same amount of care into ourselves at work as we do outside of it. 

Reinventing desk set ups with tools designed and developed to support our bodies is step one on a journey to wellbeing at work.  Coupled with a few tips and tricks to provide moments of respite from the daily grind it’s a recipe for sustainable success, without sacrificing your free time. 

Here are some tips from Logitech:

  • Protect your posture – to support your spine and alignment when sitting, choose a chair with firm lower back support and a footrest to keep pressure off the backs of legs and your knees slightly higher than your hips.

  • At your fingertips – the right peripherals can be a gamechanger when it comes to harmonising your desk. The Logitech ERGO K860 Keyboard reduces wrist bending by 25% and offers 54% more wrist support1 to promote a more relaxed typing posture. The curved, split keyframe takes the pressure off wrists and forearms while the pillowed wrist rest creates the optimal ergonomic position.

  • A head above the rest – to ensure you aren’t straining your neck the New Zealand Chiropractors’ Association recommends2 keeping the screen 15 degrees below eye level and placing reference materials on a copy stand even to and near the screen.

  • A hand to hold – an often under-appreciated tool of the trade, the humble mouse is a key player in supporting your alignment. The handshake position of Logitech MX Vertical Mouse reduces wrist pressure and forearm strain, and it decreases muscle activity by 10%3 so you can save energy for that Pilates class when you clock off.

  • Brain gym – breaking up the day is key to feeling fresh. Every 20 minutes take a one-to-two-minute break to stand, move or walk around and keep blood flowing and muscles engaged.

Level up your workspace wellness with these tips that are proven to improve posture and relieve pain points without compromising a pixel of performance. 

Learn more about the science behind Logitech’s mission for workspace wellness across the globe at the ERGO Design Lab. 

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