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New recruitment tech platform targets Millennials and Gen-Z

Recently landing in New Zealand, jobs platform inploi is set to disrupt traditional job sites, while targeting Millenial and Generation-Z candidates.

Described as the “New Collar” workforce, Millennials and Generation Z behave differently to those before them. The way these demographics interact with brands and access information has changed, and to engage with them successfully, employers need to think of them as ‘consumers of the workplace.’

Technology startup inploi, through its suite of tech, branding, and marketing solutions, aims to connect the “New Collar” workforce with companies wanting to engage and hire from this demographic.

Harnessing features like video profiles, video calling, candidate-job matching and instant messaging, inploi empowers employers to attract and connect with talent.

“Companies need to rethink how they hire, retain and develop talent in order to keep pace. Millennial and Gen-Zers have grown up with technology and are always connected,” says inploi NZ country manager, Damon Hyland.

“In order to reach them, employers need to ‘play where they are’ – connecting on the platforms and using the technologies they inhabit. And they need to consider how they convince a job seeker of their values and culture, which is also really important to the New Collar worker.” 

Originally launched in the UK and Germany, inploi provides opportunities to create content, distribute a listing, buy media, recruit though social media and access analytics, all through its platform.

Hyland says inploi will benefit New Zealand recruitment as the majority of Kiwi companies still lean on outdated and inefficient methods to advertise jobs. 

“With a number of our medium and large employers in New Zealand experiencing an ongoing need for staff at all levels, recruitment can be a real pain point for businesses. inploi brings together an optimised platform along with great support and a sales team working on the ground.”

Since launching in New Zealand, inploi has had a great response, with clients already onboard across horticulture, construction and hospitality, with more in the wings. Hyland says candidates are also excited to connect and learn more about their employers.

“Thats why inploi exists.”

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