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25 things with Vend’s Vaughan Rowsell, part three

5 things I predict for 2037

Your job doesn’t exist yet

We may not even have jobs when the AI overlords take over. So your best skill to learn and teach your kids is adaptability (and how to hack).

New Zealand is a world leader in innovation and IP development

We are an insanely smart and tenacious bunch. Our roots are making shit work with nothing. When technology and the tools we can use make anything possible, what the world will want most are people who can dream, design and turn things into a reality from a vague idea.

We will be trialing a new political system

It will have less weight of people due to AI and will be more connected to the individual voter and it will probably use blockchain. I am making this up, but we are good at world firsts and I back New Zealand to try something new.

The way we learn will be radically different

We will have taken those bold leaps, learning will happen everywhere, each kid will have a personal virtual tutor and schools will become vibrant places where the community come together to celebrate our children, not places where we lock up kids for six hours a day.

We will have lost our obsession with small screens in our hand

Voice, thought and sentiment predicting AI will be the new UI. In fact, technology will be integrated into everything and at the same time be almost invisible.

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