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HP unleashes a wolf in the data henhouse

The first, The Wolf, watches as Slater penetrates an office though its printer. What feels at first a slightly harmless cyber attack, with a few printers taken over with graphics of sheep—a metaphor for because sheep never realise a wolf is around until it’s too late—soon grows in seriousness as he gains access to the office’s entire network and the data stored on it, all through printers that don’t have built-in malware protection.

By the end, he’s helped himself to all the personal information and client information stored on the network and is able to destroy a meeting between two companies.

The final scare comes at the end when Slater reveals he has nothing against the company he just attacked, he’s just doing it because he can.

“Who knows, maybe one day I’ll come after yours,” he says before a message appears on the screen reading: “Nothing is safe if your office isn’t HP secure.”

The second film, The Hunt Continues, takes a look at how wolves go after the weak. It watches as Slater breaks into a company’s patient data by taking down Todd, the chief information security officer.

To take down Todd, he messes with the dosage of his prescriptions by breaking into a doctor’s network and later the hospital’s network, neither of which have protection. He then breaks into Todd’s company and by the end, Slater has devoured the health records of millions of patients.

If the scare tactics worked on those watching, the films are supported by a dedicated website by HP, with information about how its products can protect users.

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