I'm lovin' it: The top 100 emojis on Instagram

In April this year, the young and the young at ♥, had all their smiley-face dreams come true – Instagram, the fastest growing social media platform on Earth, announced that users would be able to use hashtags in emojis.

What? you may be screaming into an abyss. Emojis? Hashtags?

A quick primer: 

Emoji (noun) - a small digital image or icon used to express an idea or emotion in electronic communication, i.e. 😱😹🙏💩🙈 (you get the idea)

Hashtag (noun) - a word or phrase preceded by a hash sign (#), used on social media sites such as Twitter to identify searchable messages on a specific topic, i.e. #TGIF

Okay, so what?

Well, emojis are very popular with those mythical millennials and are gaining popularlity with their boomer parents who are desperately trying to figure out social media to stay connected to their kids. And now, thanks to the largesse of Instagram's crack team of programmers, users can make their emotions searchable by hashtagging them #👏 #👌 #💯

I'll say it again – so what?

Well, because emojis are now searchable on Instagram, someone with a lot of time of their hands could add up how many times each emoji has been hashtagged, deeping and our understanding of how millennials and boomers alike use emojis to express themselves and communicate with one another.

Okay, cool. So, what's the most popular?

The ♥️, of course. See a full run-down by Curalate below.


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