Videos help educate business owners about cyber threats

Government initiative Connect Smart has released a series of six YouTube videos exploring cyber security for businesses, what hackers are actually after, and what Kiwi businesspeople can do to protect themselves.

Connect Smart is the brainchild of the National Cyber Policy Office. It started out as an awareness week last year, but this year it has been expanded into to a year-long programme of work.  

Part of this work is the video series, which features Microsoft’s global cyber security experts, Paul Nicholas and Pierre Noel. The series is available on YouTube here.

We sat down with a representative for a Q&A to learn more about how retailers can educate themselves about online threats.

What’s prompted these videos?

The National Cyber Policy Office was doing some work with the Microsoft team, so we also made a video to help raise awareness of cyber security. 

They’re very slick. Why video format?

I think you answered the “Why video” question when you said “They’re very slick”! Video content is a great way to get messages out there, because it’s so much more engaging. 

What’s the most important take-away lesson for retailers from this series?

The most important takeaway is: “Stay safe by being aware of the threats and knowing how you’re going to deal with them.” In other words, it’s about resilience rather than protection.

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