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Callaghan Innovation creates ‘C-Prize’ to encourage drone-tech for film industry

Specifically, the goal of the C-Prize is to encourage Kiwi innovators to develop cutting-edge UAV technology that solves the technical challenges of improving the recording and reproduction of high-definition sound, operation in rough weather, and the tracking of objects for augmented reality and visual effects purposes. NZ-based innovators are invited to submit initial concepts that overcome these three challenges. 

“The New Zealand screen industry has a reputation around the world for exciting film-making,” says Callaghan Innovation chief executive Dr Mary Quin. “Increasingly directors are using unmanned aircraft to capture new visual perspectives to tell their stories.”

“The C-Prize recognises that these factors, combined with our open airspace and progressive regulations, present a great opportunity for Kiwi innovators and entrepreneurs to commercialise world leading UAV technology for the screen industry.”

“Innovation prizes have a successful track record internationally for stimulating progress in technically challenging industries such as space flight,” Dr Quin says.

Concepts making it through the first round will each receive $10,000 and support from Callaghan Innovation and Creative HQ to develop prototypes. The grand prize winner – to be announced in December – will receive $50,000.

Entries close on 5 July 2015. 

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