Close goes viral and the unsavoury business of helping customers vent their anger

An Australian entrepreneur took the art of dumping glitter to a new level when his online business of helping people vent their anger with a parcel of glitter went viral.

An Aussie business shook the world by storms of glitter after the online business – helping people vent their anger by ordering glitter dumped on their ‘enemies’ anonymously --  went viral over the internet. has had to suspend its business for now after a deluge of orders and people flocking to its website for a peek. It has garnered over 1 million hits and 270,000 shares. But the gap in the market has already been spotted, with another website Actuallyshipyourenemiesglitter trying to fill the space left.

Shipyourenemiesglitter founder 22-year old Mathew Carpenter wrote on his twitter page the business is now for sale. He was also quoted saying on Product Hunt: "Hi guys, I'm the founder of this website. Please stop buying this horrible glitter product - I'm sick of dealing with it. Sincerely, Mat."

He told, he operates alone and after a couple of hours of being launched, the website got pounded with too much traffic for the server, so “it crapped itself”. “We had people buying every minute until I took the ability to purchase down.”  

Carpenter told Slate he has never been to university but has worked in internet marketing and other websites, including (Warning: Content may be deemed crude or offensive to some.)

And when asked if his was a long-term viable business, carpenter answers: “God I hope not.”

Send some poo to your enemies online business

Along this same take-revenge-on-your enemies business idea is whose business is, according to the company’s website, a poop delivery service. “Our product consists of high quality, farm-raised and eco-friendly, hand-picked animal poo.” A ‘handful of shit’ is priced at US$9.95 and a ‘shitload of shit’, US$19.95.

Other smelly businesses found on the web include and Shitexpress - yes you guess it - ships horse poo globally for customers who want to vent their rage.  The company says it made US$10,120 in sales in 30 days, without spending a cent on advertisements or marketing in general. The company allows customers to pay by Bitcoin, provides personal messages to be included, for US$16.95.

The company's blog notes that it has had over 490,000 unique visitors, generated hundreds of thousands social shares, likes, tweets and comments.“We got media attention from almost 500 websites; and referral traffic from 1,625 sources in total. As of December 4th, we've already shipped poop to 36 different countries.”

The send-your-enemy glitter bomb caught the eye of social media commentator Vaughn Davis who spoke about it to Mark Sainsbury on Radio Live. Listen to the audio file here