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How many tweets can you send per month on 1GB? Spark gives free data (with plan) for social media addicts

Tweeter-holics can now send 5,000 tweets every month for the rest of their mobile phone plan’s life with Socialiser, Spark’s new mobile data offer.

Call it game changing or smart packaging, Spark’s Socialiser offer gives customers 1GB of free data every month for the rest of the plan they signed up for.

General Manager for Spark Home, Mobile and Business, Jason Paris says: “We think this is a game changer when it comes to giving our customers more of what they want in a mobile plan – and we’re excited to be the only provider in the market to be offering free social data. 

“We know that Facebook and Twitter are two of the apps customers use most on their mobiles and we’re frequently asked for ways to help them make their mobile data go further – so we’ve partnered with Facebook and Twitter to deliver it for them.”

Kiwis are sworn addicts to Facebook. Over 1.8 million New Zealanders use Facebook every single day. Some 78% of those or 1.4 million access Facebook on their mobile devices.

“Refreshing their Facebook newsfeed or checking their Twitter timelines is now just a part of our customers’ day to day lives so giving them more data to do this makes perfect sense to us,” Paris adds.

Pic: Jason Paris, general manager for Spark Home, Mobile and Business

On the other side of the equation, social media Tweeter is happy to be a partner in this. Says Arvinder Gujral, Director of Business Development, Twitter South Asia says the company is pleased with Spark’ move to offer customers free data to post on Twitter.

Paris adds: “Our customers continue to use more and more data to connect over social media so this isn’t a deal just available to customers over summer. If they activate Socialiser online, before 3 February next year they can take advantage of it for the full life of their pack or plan with us for free, no strings attached.”

Socialiser can be switched on for free by going to www.spark.co.nz/socialiser before 3 February, 2015.

Spark customers on $19 or $29 prepaid packs and consumer Pay Monthly plans are also eligible.

After 3 February, Spark customers who opt in to Socialiser online can pay $9 per month to get the deal.

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