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New app lets users keep an eye on what’s in their food

Price may no longer be the only easy way to compare food products with a brand new app called Foodeye.

Foodeye is a free iOS app created by Sush Mobile that lets you access accurate and up to date information about a range of regularly purchased food products. The app also lets users easily compare products within the same category using a range of criteria. For example, if you wanted a healthy muesli, you could use Foodeye to compare the different ingredients as well as sugar content and so on, between different brands on the shelf.

Users can either find out the ingredients of a single product by scanning a barcode or they can compare the products within a whole category through the search function. 

“With Foodeye you can select a food item … and compare the energy, fats, sugars and salt and other nutrients so you can make the best choice for you. It’s actually astonishing what the difference in kilojoules can be across any one food type so it is well worth being able to see the difference,” says Barry Pyle, the managing director of Images in Space, the company behind Foodeye.

Pyle thinks the app will be useful for those who don’t want to put on weight over the winter months or even people with allergies or specific dietary requirements.

People with allergies can use Foodeye’s search function when looking for a product in a certain food group, says Pyle. From there they can choose to exclude ingredients from their search, such as nuts or wheat.

Foodeye can be highly personalised, Pyle says. For example, someone using the app can exclude products with over 10g of sugar per 100g or more than 10% total fat.

Foodeye was released this month.  

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