Telecom Digital Ventures summons gamers to trial Aircade

Telecom Digital Ventures (TDV) is dipping its toe into the world of cloud gaming with a trial service, Aircade.

The on-demand service lets users stream games in the same way they'd use music services like Spotify or movies over Netflix.

Hardcore gamers only need apply - TDV recommends a minimum broadband connection speed of 7Mpbs for the service to work smoothly, with on-demand gaming using between 1GB and 2GB of data an hour. That's why a high cap or an uncapped broadband plan is needed.

To be chosen as a triallist, it wants to know your location, the ISP you use, your data cap and your gaming habits.

If you're picked, TDV will give you a controller and wants you to use Airplay as much as possible to give feedback. "As we are only testing the technology, the number of games available will be limited," says TDV.

"As a guide we hope to provide a number of AAA games (high quality, console style) across multiple genres (eg action, first person shooter, racing) as well as some casual games during the trial."

The trial is free and currently there's no set start date.