Elevator Pitch: Aquafortus – UPDATED

Elevator Pitch, brought to you by Flick

Elevator Pitch: Aquafortus – UPDATED

As part of our Elevator Pitch series in partnership with Flick, we gave Daryl Briggs a little longer than an elevator ride to pitch Aquafortus, which removes water from waste. 

Please and Thankyou

Speaking at a National Speakers Association of New Zealand-hosted summit recently – just weeks out from Thankyou. Water’s launch in New Zealand – founder Daniel Flynn spoke about how a short YouTube video, and the public response to that video, persuaded the 7-Eleven retail chain to execute one of the fastest product launches they’d ever done.

New Zealand Innovation Awards

They say that with age comes wisdom – but clearly that's something these amazing young innovators from New Zealand and around the world already have. The question is, are there any other young innovators out there deserving of recognition at the 2017 New Zealand Innovation Awards?

We’ve all been there. You take your Segway out for a hoon in the desert, try to take a selfie and plummet into a ravine, breaking both your legs and rupturing your spleen. The vultures are circling, awaiting your last breath. And then you inevitably have to drink your own urine in an effort to survive the night because your water has run out. Well, Fontus, a seemingly magical self-filling water bottle that harvests moisture from the air, is here to save the day (in harrowing situations like this, during more normal outdoor activities and also in the developing world).