Technology Month, brought to you by Springload

Picking what to study when you finish school is a daunting task for most, with a myriad of options and information at students’ fingertips. But New Zealand agency M Theory has come up with a solution by using VR tech. 'The Future of You’ takes students on an interactive, fortune teller's journey through a series of personality-based questions that will help guide them towards a career path they're well suited for.

Technology Month, brought to you by Springload

The oldest joint in Wellington is offering patrons a modern take on the dining experience as part of the 2017 Wellington On a Plate food festival. The Thistle Inn is using VR to tell the story of one of its meals, from catch to plate, as well as the story behind a Garage Project brew that’s matched with the meal. Idealog took it for a test run.

Virtual realities

A new VR and mixed-reality centre has launched in Wellington. That, by itself, is not news. But what is news: the fact that Projectr is being launched with the help of Victoria University of Wellington and other high-profile supporters for far more than just making immersive games.