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MYOB Women in Tech, part three: head of delivery at Trade Me Diana Minnee on how challenges didn't predetermine her success

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MYOB Women in Tech, part three: head of delivery at Trade Me Diana Minnee on how challenges didn't predetermine her success

Forget the ingredients touted as necessary to make a little girl in the age-old nursery rhyme, What Are Little Boys Made Of? To be a woman business leader, you need to have more than a pinch of resilience and a dash of tenacity. This is because although the country has made big strides when it comes to inclusivity, there’s still work to do before true equality is reached. Take the recent 2019 MYOB Women In Tech Report, which found nearly half of the industry’s women leaders have personally experienced gender bias during their career, just a quarter of local technology businesses have equal representation in their leadership teams and only one in ten tech businesses work to actively address discrimination. Head of delivery at Trade Me Diana Minnee talks carving their career paths, overcoming personal challenges and finding grit.

Wellbeing Month

In 2019, companies are more focused than ever on the health and happiness of their staff, as wellbeing becomes increasingly seen as a key indicator of success along economic value by governments – including our very own – and organisations across the world. This is because while the corporate world has long seen the bottom line as the be all and end all, companies are increasingly taking a more holistic view and recognising that looking after the wellbeing of their people will in turn make their bottom line healthier, too. We reached out to the people in charge of wellbeing policies at some of New Zealand's top companies and asked what they're focused on for this year and why. Here's what FCB, Isthmus, RUSH, Southern Cross, Xero and Trade Me responded.


Jon Macdonald, CEO of Trade Me for over a decade, has announced plans to step down from the leadership role. Macdonald chats about the reason behind the departure and what he hopes to get from his new path.

Technology Month, brought to you by Springload

As part of Idealog's Technology Month, we've picked the brains of some of the movers and shakers in the industry to find out their favourite tech-related things, their biggest fears for the future and what other companies and individuals inspire their work. Here's Trade Me's head of mobile Nick Parfene.