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Meet the companies using technology to imitate humans

Reality check

Meet the companies using technology to imitate humans

With news that Soul Machines has rolled out a brand-new digital avatar called Will that will act as a digital teacher on behalf of Vector educating schoolkids about energy, we cast our eye around the globe to find the companies using tech to replicate the parts of us that make us human.

Idealog + Tech Futures Lab

Dr. Elinor Swery gets excited about using technology to make the world a better place. With a background in Mechanical Engineering, she now works at Soul Machines as a solutions architect, working with international companies to deliver Artificial Humans and humanise the way in which we interact with technology. She has worked in various industries, from utilities and automotive to banking and telecommunication all the while focusing on improving process and user experiences through the enablement and adoption of AI technologies. Here's what keeps her up at night.

Say it ain't soul

Air New Zealand is trialling a new team member in the form of Sophie, a digital human created by Soul Machines to answer questions about New Zealand as a tourist destination and the airline’s products and services.