Kathmandu on why you should examine your supply chain

Corporate social responsibility

Kathmandu on why you should examine your supply chain

In June, Kathmandu became the first company in the Southern Hemisphere to achieve accreditation from the Fair Labor Association (FLA) alongside brands like Patagonia and Nike. But Kathmandu’s corporate social responsibility manager Gary Shaw says some apparel companies approach supply chain transparency from a “box-ticking” perspective because they’re scared of what they might find if they take a harder look.

Safety first

If you’ve ever been involved in an emergency in a public space, you’ll know that privacy is often desired for both the person under duress and the first aid responder trying to help. Three Dunedin retail workers had seen it happen all too often, so they’ve created the First Aid Pod – a pop-up tent that provides shelter and all the medical gear necessary to deal with such a situation.

One person's junk...

Junk and Disorderly is the latest pop-up installment to come to Ponsonby Central. The space is a showcase of some collected pieces by the owners who wish to share the message of the store – the art of doing what you love.

Future of shopping

For the last couple of years, the retail world has been tantalized by rumours of completely automated stores being developed, tested and trialled overseas. Now, these walk-in vending machines have become a credible reality with the launch of the first Amazon Go store in Seattle.