Waste not, want not: scraps-to-caps company Offcut turns its eye to tackling plastic

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Waste not, want not: scraps-to-caps company Offcut turns its eye to tackling plastic

Offcut is a New Zealand company that makes caps from textile scraps destined for landfill, while dabbling in others initiatives to tackle environmental issues, like planting a tree for every hat sold. But its co-CEOs are now turning their eye to plastic following a recent sourcing trip to Bali, where they were alarmed at just how much of it was clogging up the oceans. Here, Adrien Taylor explains Offcuts’ brand ethos, the mini-documentary they’ve made about their Bali experience and how in the future, the company will be incorporating recycled waste plastic into its hats.

Change is coming

The water bottle industry is one of the most flagrant users of plastic in the world, but aside from banning the industry altogether, the next step forward in combating this is difficult. However New Zealand made compostable and circular water bottle company, For The Better Good, may represent the next best alternative. Founder Jayden Klinac sat down to chat about his plant based alternative and how the company is turning waste into capital.

Disposable debate

It’s 2018, and we’re still having a global debate about single-use, disposable items such as coffee cups, plastic straws, cheap wooden chopsticks, and more. Here in the Land of the Long White Cloud, the issue of what to do with disposable coffee cups – and how to get rid of them without polluting the planet – is burning as hot as ever.


While the Government gets a beating over water quality issues from the Cawthron Institute, a new initiative launched last week is making use of recycled plastic bottles to create an island that improves the water quality of Lake Rotoehu in Rotorua.


All things plastic fantastic were honoured on Friday as part of the 2010 Plastics Industry Biennial Design Awards, held at the Ellerslie Convention Centre in Auckland. This year’s awards attracted 37 entries and on the night—13 Bronze, 11 Silver, 9 Gold, and the Overall Supreme Award were dished out.