The Wool Challenge: David Trubridge's Wool Lantern

The Wool Challenge

The Wool Challenge: David Trubridge's Wool Lantern

At Idealog, we regularly celebrate our design community's brilliance. Admittedly, we also get a twisted sort of pleasure out of making our annual design challenge harder and harder each year – but that’s because we want to ensure the community continues to think outside the box. Thanks to our friends at Icebreaker, we sent out a box of very raw wool fibre to some talented humans in a range of design disciplines and tasked them with recreating an everyday object using wool. Here’s what furniture designer David Trubridge up with – a lantern made of wool and hemp.

Have you ever wondered why storefronts tend to be eye-blindingly bright and highly illuminated? It seems every part of a store is designed to increase the likelihood consumers will make a purchase, and the choices on lighting is no different.