Picking up the scraps: The companies leading the way of lessening waste

Waste not want not

Picking up the scraps: The companies leading the way of lessening waste

You’ve heard the statistics on waste, there will be more plastic than fish in our ocean by 2050, meanwhile our world is running out of space for landfills, especially in Japan and Europe. Waste is everywhere, it’s bursting out of our cupboards and spilling onto the floor. It’s anathema to almost every industry, significant in our households, our food and beverage, agricultural, retail, and film communities. However, some people have responded, our government has phased out single use plastic bags in supermarkets, and businesses have begun to turn trash into beautiful, commercially viable, products. To keep the innovation happening, we shed light on a few local businesses who have relieved New Zealand’s festering waste crisis.

Ethical fashion

As consumers become increasingly more conscious in their purchasing decisions and look for more sustainable products, brands are working harder to meet these new expectations. But the latest 2019 Tearfund Ethical Survey shows New Zealand fashion brands are rising to the challenge and are improving the way they operate, with Nature Baby, AS Colour, Kowtow and Icebreaker among the best performers. We had a chat to them about what they’re doing right, and what other companies can learn from them.