You'd have thought the way business works that a five-day work week came down with Moses on a stone tablet. Actually God's working week was six days, so there's obviously some flexibility there. So why aren't more of us breaking the mould?

Kim Dotcom's cloud locker service Mega is developed by a team of two: Mega Conspiracy co-accused Mathias Ortmann and Bram van der Kolk. The duo have support from a team of contractors, but chief executive Vikram Kumar says the company is looking to bring on its first major hires since its launch spectacle in January.

Between 930 and 1230 jobs will be cut at Telecom in a round of cost cutting measures, the company has announced to the New Zealand Stock Exchange. This may be a "necessary evil" for a top heavy company with more than 2870 staff earning six-figure salaries.

Telecom is cutting 1500 jobs says Labour MP Clare Curran, a number she says she was provided by "a [very] reliable source" inside New Zealand's largest telco. TUANZ chief Paul Brislen says it's a necessary evil for the top heavy company, which currently pays 2870 employs six figure salaries.

Beleaguered by email hacking problems, lackluster financial results, and looming cost cutting measures – Telecom today announces it's cutting 120 jobs in Australia.