Industrial Design

Sim Ahmed talks the Modtec founder and chief executive Bruce Davies about designing and manufacturing workplace ergonomic products and working with teams overseas.

Furniture/Product Design

Cast your mind back to the 80s when playing Space Invaders was all the rage. Ah, nostalgia. Igor Chak has taken that nostalgia and turned it into a concept you can quite literally sit on, with his Space Invader Couch.

Industrial design

In this video, German industrial designer Dieter Rams (central to the design behind the Braun brand), shares his crafty insights on everything from record player design to the trusty shaver.

Industrial design

It is named after the deities of Greek mythology and is referred to as the “space age metal” – and industry experts are predicting it could kick the New Zealand economy into a higher gear. Say hello to titanium


What day is it? That’s right, it’s World Industrial Design Day. So find something you love and let it know how you really feel about it. This year, Icsid, the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, has chosen the theme “Industrial Design: Humane Solutions for a Resilient World”. The plan is to remind us all that design can indeed save the world, or, in Icsid-speak, to “facilitate collaboration within the industrial design community with the goal of producing tangible solutions to world problems”