AI is alright

Techweek in New Zealand is upon us. This year’s theme is ‘Innovation that’s good for the world’ – which is an excellent opportunity to look at the positive impact and opportunity presented by emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, says IBM's Isuru Fernando.

Space oddities

Retired astronaut Chris Hadfield - in New Zealand for IBM Think - chats with Idealog about what role small nations like New Zealand can play in space exploration and the space industry, how technology is changing space exploration, how private businesses are disrupting things, a technology that has really surprised him, and more.


Ben Rose of nib recently attended and presented at the IBM Think conference in Las Vegas. He shares his thoughts on the future of AI and what it means for business.

The amazing world of Chef Watson

No stranger to questionable culinary choices, digital editor Ben Mack tries a dessert designed by IBM's Watson in partnership with Fonterra - and learns a little bit about what a future full of "robo-food" might be like.