Why human-centred design should be at the centre when designing employee experiences

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Why human-centred design should be at the centre when designing employee experiences

For many years, human-centred design has been successfully applied to customer experience (CX) and user experience (UX), but Humankind founder Samantha Gadd says it’s about time this kind of thinking is applied to employee experience (EX) too. In light of the Humankind Employee Experience Awards approaching, we have a chat about what kind of audacious change is needed to transform the industry.

The future of work

The future of performance reviews is here: an evidence-based digital badge system, which nurtures employee skills in a non-discriminatory and usable way. Auckland based software company Propellerhead seeks to challenge normative structures with innovative and alternative business models, notably its new digital badge system which will be introduced in early 2018 – a feature which aims to make traditional annual reviews irrelevant and remove workplace biases such as those towards gender, race, and religion.

Human Resources

With more reliance than ever on digital technology, it comes as no surprise that it's an important way to recruit the very best employees for your business. But there's a right, and wrong, way to go about it.

Getting drunk on bourbon at a conference and telling your CEO that the company HR processes are crap isn’t a career advancing move Mandy Johnson recommends. That said, it worked for her. She's distilled her methods into a new book on how to find and keep top talent, and spoke to us about why psychometric tests suck, how gut instinct can be misleading and why great candidates are like great houses.