Idealog + Generator

The opening of the new Generator @ GridAKL, 12 Madden Street space in September was huge a moment of pride for the entire Generator team. But it was also symbolic of just how much the co-working business has changed in the seven years since the first Generator opened. CEO and founder Ryan Wilson explains some of those changes.

Take a look

Auckland’s GridAKL co-working space is expanding – and is welcoming the public to come and celebrate and to check out the future of co-working in the City of Sails.

Idealog + ATEED

Leading innovation hubs the world over, from Silicon Valley to Tel Aviv, have become synonymous with success and entrepreneurship. But this culture didn’t just materialise overnight, as creating the foundation for an effective environment for innovation to thrive is key. With Auckland’s entrepreneurial ecosystem almost a decade in the making and still expanding, the fruits of the city’s labour are starting to blossom.

Idealog + ATEED

GridAKL is preparing to open two new buildings in Auckland this year, bringing its footprint to 12,000 square metres. But, as Anna Bradley-Smith discovers, there’s a lot more to it than cool co-working locations. Through a focus on community, place and services, GridAKL is at the heart of a booming innovation precinct that is helping to grow – and diversify – the economy and position Auckland as a high-tech innovation hub of the Asia Pacific region.

Bigger is better

GridAKL is becoming a force to be reckoned with and is growing from one building in Auckland’s CBD to three. Generator, a co-working space facilitator, is going to be the running the two new buildings, which will open later this year. Plus: BizDojo hints at some movings and shakings.