Climate Week, brought to you by Kiwibank

In a regular section called Can We Fix It? Idealog and Kiwibank will explore some of the world’s biggest – and, in some cases, most intractable – problems and then showcase some of the clever people trying to tackle them. Taupo Beef and Lamb is one of these businesses, which is fighting the good fight against climate change through sustainable farming.

Irrigation has always been vital to agriculture, but access to water, and ways to maximise its effectiveness, have changed over the years. Landcare Research soil scientist Dr Carolyn Hedley charts an irrigation evolution.

Over many decades a number of great New Zealanders have helped put the country’s primary industries on the global map. Today, the challenges are more complex and the competition greater, but the best leaders continue to be more than up to the job. As judged by Jacqueline Rowarth, Hamish Gow, and Vincent Heeringa, here are Primary’s Top 10 agri-business leaders